English Courses for Adults

Learning English through innovative and dynamic classes.

Nowadays the mastery of the English language is the basis to move independently in our global world and to communicate with other people. Whether at university, at work, while travelling or just virtually on the internet, to speak English widens your personal scope! Our teaching has a practical and dynamic character. The priority is on the development of speaking skills and the associated ability to express yourself fluently in the foreign language. It focuses on interactions with other language students and working in groups. This leads to many real communication situations in which you will memorize language and idioms quickly and sustainably.

Thanks to many years of collaboration with the University of Málaga and various government organizations, we have great experience in official exam preparation. LOVIVO offers courses at Level B1, B2, C1 and C2 of the European Framework of Reference and prepares you for your Cambridge and Trinity exams

Maximum 8 students.

Standard course: 2 hours per week.
Intensive Course: 4 hours per week.