Immersion in the UK for Teachers

New educational trends encourage a more practical way of teaching where students learn through tasks, projects and cooperative work. This change demands new competencies from teachers and, therefore, the acquisition of a new methodology at work. At the same time, the increase of bilingual schools requires a higher level of English for teachers and a more interactive and dynamic teaching, which has been established in the United Kingdom for some decades.

LOVIVO Immersion for teachers is an exclusive programme which meets these linguistic and professional needs. We offer the opportunity to be part of the life of a school in the UK with the aim to:

  • Observe classes of different subjects
  • Take part in some sessions
  • Enjoy the culture of this country and improve your English in a natural way

Two weeks in the month of July. Accommodation will be provided with local families or with members of the school staff. The stays will be in England and in Scotland, where LOVIVO has personal and professional contacts.

Please contact us for futher information.