A language is learned by living it!

From a combination of interests and vital experiences LOVIVO was born in 2005 as an educational project with the aim to teach languages ​​in an innovative way. Our experience as language teachers and coaches of bilingual training has taught us that the only difference between learning to speak a language or just reading and writing it is the method followed.

The greatest satisfaction for language learners is that moment when they can fluently express themselves in a foreign language. W The priority here is on listening and speaking the language. We are defenders of a communicative method, which introduces language in a similar way to the native tongue, where the priority is to understand and speak. The other competencies are developed only when the speaking skills are developed.

At the same time a language is a vehicle to transmit culture, so it needs to be framed in a specific context and in situations close to reality. Our course formats for young, adult and mature students, with a mix of cultural content and realistic situations make it possible to experience a foreign language and immerse in it. Out of these personal and professional convictions our activities are born, from our camps and residential courses to workshops and intensive classes.

Our aim is to offer participants linguistic and cultural experiences which increase their confidence when speaking a foreign language.