Language Travelling in Málaga

Experience the Spanish language while enjoying the beautiful settings and weather in Málaga

This course has been designed for all lovers of the Spanish language, Spanish life and Spanish culture. It offers the opportunity to improve your Spanish skills and simultaneously discover the diversity of Spain, Málaga and the Costa del Sol.

The programme includes 15 hours a week of communicative classes in a relaxed and dynamic atmosphere. There will also be 10 hours of workshops in Spanish where professional guests will help you to immerse in different areas of Spanish life and culture. In addition, we offer 3 leisure activities throughout the region. Undoubtedly, the course also gives you free time to relax on the beach and to explore the city of Málaga and the surrounding areas on your own.

Maximum 8 students. Our course range includes all levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2.

The course lasts from one week to four, starting on a Monday morning and finishing Saturday noon. We are happy to arrange accommodation near the language school or in Málaga city centre depending on your preferences (shared and single apartments, guest families, hotels and hostels).

Our courses are based on real social situations and group work. We will also help you prepare for official Spanish qualifications if required in advance. Our workshops contain a variety of topics related to daily Spanish life, such as traditional cooking, local products tasting, contemporary music and cinema or current affairs. With our leisure activities we aim to offer fun experiences instructed in Spanish by specialised monitors like sailing or padel, or simply a relaxing moment hiking or enjoying a local trip.

1 week 350 Euro
2 weeks 600 Euro
3 weeks 850 Euro
4 weeks 990 Euro
The prices do not include travel and accommodation. Dates for the start of the course will be agreed individually according to the language level.

Please contact us for further information.