The Flying Classroom

Entertaining workshops for school classes in English with various contents of natural science, history, mythology, literature and cooking.

The Flying Classroom workshops take school kids on a journey to different regions of knowledge. The course can be booked for an hour-and-a-half session or on a day basis. In both types of courses the contents will be agreed with the school. The hour-and-a-half sessions take place at school, while day-courses are developed on different sites, like the countryside or the beach. For example, our “Robin Hood Adventure” gives students the opportunity to spend a day in the countryside and immerse themselves in the legend of this hero from the Middle Ages. The children learn many interesting facts about animals, plants and customs of England from these days. The goal is always to speak English, to gain new language skills or to consolidate previously acquired knowledge.

The maximum number of participants on the hour-and-a-half workshops is 25 students, during school times. Depending on the subject, they are carried out by 1 or 2 LOVIVO teachers.
On the day courses up to 100 students can participate simultaneously. They are carried out by 4 LOVIVO teachers. Depending on the size of the group up to 6 teachers from the school will be needed to take care of the students. The day courses run from 10:00 until 16:00 o’clock (coach trip not included).

Please contact us for futher information.