Training for Language Teachers

Training for Language Teachers

Find out new methods for better teaching results and improve your skills

Teaching is a profession that involves constant learning and updating of knowledge, techniques and methodologies. Language learning has become a priority in this new global world. In our school we offer a training programme for teachers of modern languages which provides an opportunity to share experiences and get to know the new ways of approaching our classrooms.

The sessions focus on communicative techniques which improve the way students interact in the target-language and manage information. It covers the four competencies (speaking, listening, reading and writing) but from a cooperative approach. In this way every class activity can become an opportunity for communication and learning from others. There is no communication, however, without vocabulary or grammar structures, so a wide range of leading techniques will be presented to introduce and process these elements.

The format is that of a workshop where teacher participants will carry out the proposed activities as if they were students, therefore, the methodology and dynamics of the tasks can then be discussed both as recipients and as professionals who could implement them in their classroom. The course is conducted in Spanish unless arranged to be in English.

It is a fun training with a pacy rhythm and lots of action, reflection and learning-by-doing, and also an opportunity to view your colleagues in a complete different light. Furthermore, the city of Málaga offers incredible surroundings to enjoy your free time.

The course can be delivered to groups of teachers, maybe from different schools, or to a small number of teachers who are accompanying studests on language study trips to our school.

The trainer is Mercedes Ramos, a specialist in bilingual teaching, communicative method and active learning. She has worked as a modern language teacher for 15 years both in England and in Spain where she founded Lovivo Language School. Currently she is also working as a trainer for English teachers with the local Government helping to roll out the bilingual programme in Málaga.

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